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Who can join the library?

Everyone can register as a member of the “Stadtbibliothek Chemnitz". You are only required to show either your identity card or another officially acknowledged document with photograph, in combination with a letter of confirmation issued by the registration office.

How long is a library card valid?

Beginning with the date of registration, the library card is valid for one year (365 days) and can be renewed for another year upon request. In case of a subscription the card is valid until you cancel the subscription. Here (German) you can find the service fees.

How do you get a library card?

You can register for the library usage in all institutions of the “Stadtbibliothek Chemnitz", at the registration desk in the entrance area or at any other advisory desk. The annual fee has to be paid immediately.

Which documents are necessary for the registration?

Please bring the following documents with you:

  • Either an identity card which confirms a registered address in Germany or a
  • Passport in connection with an official registration card and an officially acknowledged document with photograph

Additionally, we need (as the case may be):

  • Identity card of school/university students, “Chemnitzpass”, pass for severely handicapped persons

Registration of families

Persons and families who are living in the same household may register for a family library card with up to five personal tickets.
Application form for families (print version)

Registration of children and young adults

Children from the age of seven and young adults until the age of 18 years require for the registration the signature of one parent on the application form. Additionally, one parent’s identity card is to be produced.
Application form for children (print version)

Registration “Eltern für Kind"

Parents – with a child under the age of seven years – can apply for a children`s library card free of charge. This so called “Eltern für Kind" option can exclusively be used for the loan of media items especially provided for children.

Registration of corporative members

Departments, legal bodies, institutions and companies register via a written application of their authorised representative.
Application form for corporative members (print version)

Registration for a day ticket

If you would like to use our historical collections in the reading room only for one day, it is possible to register for a day ticket. This ticket costs 3.00 €.

Registration for a non-recurrent loan

Do you need a single item? Just use the possibility of non-recurrent loan (“Einmalausleihe”) which costs 3.00 € per item.


Annual membership and service fees

Annual membership fee is 20.00 €.
subscription fee is 18.00 €.

fee for the mobile library and branch library Wittgensdorf is 5.00 €

School students until the age of 18 years are not required to pay a membership fee.

Jahres und Benutzungsgebühren
School students from the age of 14, trainees, university students, members of the basic military or alternative national service, and members of the association “Förderer der Stadtbibliothek Chemnitz e. V.”, Ehrenamtliche der SBC, Danke-Card-Inhaber, owners of “Chemnitzpass” 10,00 €
Families 28,00 €
combined card city library/ natural science museum 27,00 €
pass on trail (one month) 3,50 €
Day ticket 3,00 €
Fee for a non-recurrent loan 3,00 €
3-month-pass for participants of the integration course of the VHS 3,50 €

Additional loan fees

Bestseller service 2,00 €
Overdue fees (per item and opening day) 0,40 €
Overdue fees for Children until 14 yrs (per item and opening day) 0,15 €
Overdue fees for bestseller (per item and opening day) 0,50 €
Reservation fee per item 1,00 €

Other fees

Usage of the internet facilities (with valid library card 20 minutes are free per day and per account, every other minute) 0,03 €
Initiation of an inter-library loan request (per item) 2,50 €
Self-service copies 0,10 €
Replacement of a lost membership card 5,00 €
Replacement of a lost membership card of Children until the age of 13 2,50 €
Fee for lost or heavily damaged items 4,00 €

You can find an overview of all fees in our "Gebührenordnung der Stadt Chemnitz für die Nutzung der Stadtbibliothek Chemnitz (Stand 01.01.2016, German)".

Gift vouchers

Give away a year full of knowledge and entertainment via a gift voucher. Thereby, the presentee is either able to join the “Stadtbibliothek Chemnitz” or to renew the membership for another year. The gift voucher costs the respective annual membership fee and is available in the central library as well as in all other branch libraries.

Information concerning loan

How does the loan of media occur?

With a valid library card, it is possible to borrow the items either via self-service charging machines (self-service within the “Stadtbibliothek Chemnitz”) or at the central service desk at the exit.

Which media items can I borrow in the “Stadtbibliothek Chemnitz"?

Books, magazines, newspapers, audio books, language courses, games, sheet music, CDs, LPs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, eMedia and e-book-readers

How many items can I borrow?

Per library card, adults and young adults may borrow 50 items at the same time, children 30 items, and families may even borrow 120 items.

Additionally 30 electronic media items can be borrowed simultaneously.

How long can I keep the borrowed items?

The loan period for newspapers, CDs, games on CD-ROM, Playstation games, Nintendo DS games, Wii games and movies on video and DVD is two weeks, for all other items the loan period is four weeks. You can find the exact date of return on the issue slip which you receive at every loan.

The loan period for ebooks is two weeks, for eaudios seven days and for evideos three days. emagazines can be loan for one day and epapers one hour.

Any time, you can find your currently borrowed items and their date of return in our Web-Opac at “Konto. You gain access after having entered your customer ID (the sequence of numbers below the barcode at the back of your library card) and your personal password you received after having registered. In case you forgot it, you may obtain a new password the next time you are attending the library and are able to identify yourself at an advisory desk.

Where do I return the borrowed items?

The return of your items happens at the returning machine in the entrance area (self-service within the “Stadtbibliothek Chemnitz"). This
service is available Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri from 07:30 am to 08:00 pm, Wen
07:30 am to 06:00 pm, not on holidays. 
Items which are not accepted by the machine, can be returned at the service desk. Outside the opening hours, those items can be dropped into a box opposite to the returning machine.

Can I renew the loan period of the borrowed items?

You may renew the loan period up to three times if those items are not reserved by another user. Nintendo DS games and Wii games you may renew the loan period one time.

The renewals can be made personally, in written form, by telephone and of course via the online catalogue OPAC.

What happens if I miss the due date of return?

In case you miss the date, you are required to pay overdue fees. Children pay for every opening day per item 0.15 €, adults and young adults 0.40 €.


Items, borrowed by another user, can be reserved. For this service, a fee of 1.00 € is charged. Additionally, there is a disbursement for postal charges. As soon as the reserved medium is returned by the other user, you will receive a notification by post or email.
Items which are not
borrowed, can be ordered free of charge to another branch library.


You can find several computers with internet access in our house. The conditions for the usage: 20 minutes per day and account are free of charge, every other minute costs 0.03 €. If you do not yet own a library card, there are two public internet kiosks (on the ground floor and on the third floor near to the event hall). The usage of those kiosks costs 0.05 € per minute.

Wireless LAN

A prepaid ticket system allows every customer to use the internet via Wireless LAN (WLAN). The internet price is the same as for the library computers: The first 20 minutes are for free, every further minute is 0,03 €.

The tickets have a pre-defined usage period, starting with 20 minutes. They can be purchased at the information desk "Science & Technology" on the second floor. Unused tickets have a validity of three years.

Please also notice the terms and conditions for WLAN usage  terms and conditions for WLAN usage (German).

Library card

Validity of a library card

Beginning with the date of registration, the library card is valid for one year (365 days). In case of a subscription the card is valid until you cancel the subscription. It is non-transferable. The owner is responsible for all items which are borrowed with this card, as well as for their careful treatment.

Did you lose your library card?

To prevent misuse, please report immediately the loss of the library card. A replacement of the card is subject to charges according to the regulation of fees. Furthermore, you need to bring a photo ID with you to get a replacement card at our advisory desks.

Forgotten password

In case you forgot your password, please contact us personally at an advisory desk during the opening hours, and bring your identity card with you.

Delivery Service

Items can be delivered to immobile costumers who are over 80 years old and live within the urban area of Chemnitz by our volunteer workers at no charge. Other costumers can use the delivery service for a fee of 3,50 Euro as long as the delivery address is located within the area of Chemnitz. A delivery with collection of items is possible and will charge 5.00 €.

Inter-library loan

Media items, which are not available in the stock of the “Stadtbibliothek Chemnitz” and are important for study purposes, can be provided on the basis of the German inter-library loan system regulations (“Leihverkehrsordnung der deutschen Bibliotheken”). The user is required to notify the order in writing.
Additionally, the user has to pay attention to certain regulations of the particular library which provides the material. A
fee of 2,50 € will be charged for every reservation. You can instruct an inter-library loan process by online catalogue (OPAC) or asking at one of our information desks.
Inter-library loan form "Books" (print version)
Inter-library loan form "Newspapers/Magazines" (print version)

Loss of media items

Did you misplace or damage a library item?
In case of loss or damage, please contact our service staff. A fee (German) will be charged.


Are you looking for a certain library item?
You can either search
yourself for available items of our library stock at the OPAC-carrels (online catalogue), using the OPAC at home or address to the employees at the advisory desks. We would be pleased to help you.

Conditions of Use


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